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MYLES SANKO-autograph card

Only while stocks last

With each order of a MYLES SANKO-record we’ll enclose an original autograph card of the British soul-singer and songwriter!

High-quality soul from 7,49€

Wonderful joint venture between Jamaican and Cuban musicians under the direction of the Australian MISTA SAVONA. Comes as digipack-CD, as well as double LP (gatefold / download) and deluxe CD (book cover, 24 pages booklet with photos and liner notes).

Buy now: CD 14,99€ / Deluxe-CD 20,99€ / LP 30,99€

BOPPIN’ B – The Bop Won’t Stop
BOPPIN ‘B, one of the longest-serving, best and most popular rock’n‘roll bands around, appears to be more playful than ever on their thirteenth album “The Bop Won’t Stop”!

Buy now: CD 14,99€

MARTIN HERZBERG – Liebe & Tasten
Germany’s answer to LUDOVICO EINAUDI or OLAFUR ARNALDS. The exceptional pianist MARTIN HERZBERG combines New Age-piano, pop and chill-out sounds.

Buy now: CD 17,99€

FAHNENFLUCHT – Beissreflex | K.O. System | Wer Wind Sät
Hard to believe, but the first three FAHNENFLUCHT albums have only been released on CD yet. Now they are available on vinyl for the first time!

Buy now: LP 22,99€

For his new EP “I Tua Wohl”, NAKED LUNCH-bassist FUZZMAN grabs the WIENER BESCHWERDECHOR, and together they sing and grumble their hearts out.

Buy now: LP 14,99€

WULFBAND – Revolter
On their second longplyer, the Swedish shooting stars WULFBAND present a brilliant mix of electro, EBM and wave / punk. Comes as Jewelcase-CD.

Buy now: CD 14,99€

GREG LAKE – Live In Piacenza (Lim.Ed.)
Sublime concert recording (2012) of the British progressive rock legend GREG LAKE (KING CRIMSON, EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER).
“Live In Piacenza” appears as a strictly limited, hand-numbered CD (with golden embossing / 1.600 copies worldwide) as well as a strictly limited, hand-numbered double vinyl edition (with golden embossing / 700 copies worldwide). The strictly limited, hand-numbered box set edition (with golden embossing / 400 copies worldwide) contains: Double LP edition (clear-vinyl), CD (gold edition), DVD (concert recording) as well as 10 prints, concert Poster / ticket plus Greg Lake logo sticker.

Buy now: CD 19,49€ / Ltd.LP 36,99€ / Ltd.Box-set 101,99€

MR ZARKO – Balkan Herbal Clinic
Second album of the Berlin Balkan crossover entertainer MR ZARKO with his band and support of the Serbian BOJAN KRSTIC ORKESTAR on KICK THE FLAME.

Buy now: CD 13,99€

KNOCHENFABRIK – Ameisenstaat (Lim.Ed./20 Jahre Edition)
Strictly limited special pressing (500 pieces, yellow vinyl) of the successful iconic album with the original cover artwork of the first pressing (VITAMINEPILLEN, 1997) and printed 4c inner sleeve (with all lyrics).

Buy now: Lim.Ed. LP 17,99€ / LP (Reissue + Download) 13,99€ / CD 12,99€

BLOND – Trendy
New stuff by the trio BLOND, finally! After the great self-titled EP (2016), they again publish a EP with “Trendy” now. Their very own mix of garage with pop is a good one. Live, as well as on CD, the young trio always convinces.

Buy now: CD 14,99€
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