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Seventh album of the winsome punk rockers as a CD in digipack (plus bonus CD) and LP on the band’s own label DYNAMIT RECORDS. The bonus album “Gossenhauer” contains ten cover versions with guest appearances by friendly acts like DRITTE WAHL, MASSENDEFEKT, TURBOBIER, THE TOTEN CRACKHUREN IM KOFFERRAUM, ROGERS and others.

Buy now: CD 17,99€ / LP 15,99€

THE FIREBIRDS – 25 Jahre The Firebirds – Die Jubiläumsshow
25 years of THE FIREBIRDS – the likeable Leipzig rock’n‘roll entertainers celebrate with over two hours of live material of the anniversary tour in opulent orchestral instrumentation. DVD in three-part 4c digipack, 12-page 4c-booklet with many photos, biography, discography, band presentation and liner notes.

Buy now: DVD 17,99€

MIMMI – Semper Eadem
Fascinating renaissance-/ baroque-pop by the norwegian singer/songwriter MIMMI TAMBA. Feat. TORGEIR WALDEMAR, OLE ALEXANDER HALSTENSGÅRD (ULVER) & ANDERS MOLLER (EURO BOYS, GLUECIFER, KÅRE & THE CAVEMEN). “Semper Eadem” will be released in CD-format on SUBSONIC SOCIETY AUDIO.

Buy now: CD 14,99€

The french-syrian musician NAïSSAM JALAL presents her extraordinary skills with the flute on her fourth album “Om Al Aagayeb”, in which she refers to Egypt, where she lived for three years. European jazz combined with classical, chamber music and world music from the Orient. It will be released on CD on LES COULEURS DU SON.

Buy now: CD 14,99€

HELLO EMERSON – How To Cook Everything
After their debut album “Above The Floorboards”, which received consistently good reviews, HELLO EMERSON are now back with their second album. “How To Cook Everything” convinces with fine songwriting, that reminds of CONOR OBERST and SUFJAN STEVENS. Released on CD and LP by K&F RECORDS.

Buy now: CD 14,99€ / LP 18,99€

WOLF-FACE – Still Golden (Gold Foil Stamped Cover)
Brand new and second album of the emopunk band from Saint Petersburg (Florida) as a limited vinyl only with gold foil embossed cover, white vinyl on GUNNER in cooperation with SAY-10 RECORDS.

Buy now: LP 19,99€

TAUTUMEITAS – Dziesmas No Aulejas
Second studio album of the acclaimed Latvian a capella sextet TAUTUMEITAS. “Dziesmas No Aulejas”, released as CD and LP on CPL MUSIC.

Buy now: CD 14,99€ / LP 18,99€

New studio album by the legendary german stoner and psychedelic rock band COLOR HAZE. “We Are” is released on CD and LP in gatefold cover on ELECTROHASCH.

Buy now: CD 18,99€ / LP coming in march

LULU & DIE EINHORNFARM – Ihr Seid Alle Scheisse (+Download)
First time for sale: the second studio album by the berlin germanpunk group with singer LULU (also THE TOTEN CRACKHUREN IM KOFFERRAUM) as LP (white vinyl, printed inlay, download code) on BAKRAUFARFITA.

Buy now: CD 15,99€

GRIN – Translucent Blades
GRIN from Berlin are back with their second longplayer after the brilliant debut “Revenant”. With “Translucent Blades”, JAN and SABINE OBERG are also setting the bar high for everything that is published this year in the genre between Doom and Sludge. CD and LP will be released on CRAZYSANE RECORDS.

Buy now: CD 14,99€ / LP 21,49€

MYLES SANKO-autograph card

Only while stocks last

With each order of a MYLES SANKO-record we’ll enclose an original autograph card of the British soul-singer and songwriter!

High-quality soul from 13,99€
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