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MYLES SANKO-autograph card

Only while stocks last

With each order of a MYLES SANKO-record we’ll enclose an original autograph card of the British soul-singer and songwriter!

High-quality soul from 7,49€

AUDIOLITH presents the long-awaited fifth album of the country’s most important punk band FEINE SAHNE FISCHFILET: “Sturm & Dreck” seems to be one of the most eagerly anticipated albums that will spark discussions well beyond the borders of the German punk scene. Released as a Digipack-CD with 32-page 4c-booklet and as LP (300-gr.-box, black inner sleeve, 12-page 4c-booklet in LP Size, download code).

Buy now: CD 16,99€ / LP 21,99€

TALCO – And The Winner Isn’t
The seventh studio album of the popular Italian “Punkchanka” band TALCO appears as 3 different formats: CD in a three-part inside-out digipack with a 12-page 4c booklet. LP (180 gr-inyl) with printed inlay and download-code. Double-CD (incl. EP with 4 bonustracks) in a thick three-part inside-out digipack with a 12-page 4c booklet.

Buy now: CD 13,99€ / Lim.CD 17,99€ / LP 18,99€

PHANTOM WINTER – Into Dark Science
PHANTOM WINTER are back! Only one and a half years after “Sundown Pleasures”, the quartet from Würzburg releases its new, third album “Into Dark Science”. The album merges Doom, Blackmetal, Noise and Drone in an incredibly sinister way and appears as CD and LP (Gatefold, 180gr. + Download).

Buy now: CD 14,99€ / LP 25,99€

TANTE POLLY – Tristesse Totale
The brand new, third studio album of the Saint Pauli formation TANTE POLLY. Snotty melancholic songwriter rock meets polka, blues, pub jazz and chanson.

Buy now: CD 13,99€

THE REAL GONE TONES – Backseat Bingo
50’s Hepcat Rockabilly, Rockin’ Blues, a Little Swing, Country and Rock’n‘Roll: The third album of the Polish oldschool rock’n‘rollers around the charming lead singer MARLA appears as CD and LP.

Buy now: CD 13,99€ / LP 17,99€

On their second album the Nuremberg indie formation A TALES OF GOLDEN KEYS again prove their unerring sense for great pop melodies. “Shrimp” appears as CD in digipack format and on purple vinyl LP incl. printed inner sleeve.

Buy now: CD 14,99€ / LP 18,99€

MAMAS GUN – Golden Days
The fourth album of the soul band around ANDY PLATTS (also YOUNG GUN SILVER FOX) appears as a digipack CD and LP.

Buy now: CD 13,99€ / LP 18,99€

BUNTSPECHT – Großteils Kleinigkeiten
One of the hottest candidates for the Austrian Amadeus Award: on “Großteils Kleinigkeiten”, BUNTSPECHT merge Gypsy, Klezmer with Bossa Nova and Balkan Pop.

Buy now: CD 17,49€ / LP 26,99€

After 15 years on stage, some 500 live shows all the way to Brazil or as opening act of bands like DIE TOTEN HOSEN or RISE AGAINST, one can see a strong musical development from album to album – RADIO HAVANNA have worked continuously and organically to belong to the top of the german punk rock scene. With “Utopia” they release their sixth album as Digipack-CD and on red vinyl.

Buy now: CD 13,99€ / LP 18,99€ / Box 36,49€

DIE SKEPTIKER – Kein Weg Zu Weit
Brand new album of the German and DDR punk legends DIE SKEPTIKER as a CD in a four-part digipack and LP (500th first edition in orange vinyl, printed inner sleeve and download code).

Buy now: CD 12,99€ / LP 17,99€
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