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Highly interesting live album by the undisputed jazz grandmaster ARCHIE SHEPP together with the celebrated jazz pianist JASON MORAN. “Let My People Go” moves with perfectly coordinated jazz standards and spirituals in the classical jazz area and appears as CD and LP via ARCHIEBALL.

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JOST NICKEL – The Check In
Along with Wolfgang Haffner, Kiel-born Jost Nickel is one of the very few top German tour & session drummers whose name also enjoys an excellent international reputation. He succeeded as a drummer and musical director in the band of Mousse T and played with Sasha, Johannes Oerding, Marla Glen and SEEED, among others.

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Art can be neither broad nor artificial – it has to be authentic, real and unrestrained. Grausame Töchter exists because we had to unload our bursting emotions. Like the animals follow their instincts, we are driven into a wild rush that we celebrate hedonistically , away from band stereotypes. Desire for sadomasochism, nightmare and surrealism; we lust after dance and seduction; after performances, concerts and videos. We want to entice you to reveal your dark secrets and make you accept them. Kiss the devil inside you.

Buy now: CD 13,99€, LP 17,99 €

FRED HERSCH – Songs From Home
Pianist/Composer Fred Hersch celebrates his 65th birthday in quarantine with a brilliant new solo album recorded in his Pennsylvanian home. On ‘Songs from Home,’ out via Palmetto Records, Hersch explores nostalgic pop songs, heartfelt originals and resonant jazz classics with his inimitable expressiveness and rich invention in the intimacy of imposed isolation

Buy now: CD 14,99 € / LP 22,49€

Brand new album of the singer songwriter from Berlin, now on DOTA’s Label KLEINGELDPRINZESSIN. CD with Digipack.

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GUTS PRES. VARIOUS ARTISTS – Straight From The Decks Vol. 2
The master follows up: the second installment, “straight from the turntables” – GUTS with 16 Afrotropical favorites from his DJ case. CD in digipack and double LP in gatefold cover (180 gram vinyl), of course with MAMBO artwork on PURA VIDA SOUNDS (HEAVENLY SWEETNESS).

Buy now: CD 13,99€ / LP 23,99€

Play me a note and I’ll tell you who you are. It is often the individual, the own sound of an instrumentalist that makes him unmistakable – and not only in blindfold tests, in which musicians are played recordings and asked to recognize titles and artists according to the motto “Listen, who’s playing?” they are supposed to recognize the title and artist. Ack von Rooyen also makes it easy for the normal jazz listener. His sound is so unmistakable that it only takes a few seconds, a few notes, to identify him.

Buy now: CD 16,99€

BLACK PATTI – Satan‘s Funeral
Madness! The third studio album of the Bavarian acoustic blues duo is released with an original ROBERT CRUMB artwork. CD in digisleeve, limited LP (180-gram vinyl, gatefold cover, poster included) on RHYTHM BOMB.

Buy now: CD 14,99€

MIRJA KLIPPEL – Slow Coming Alive
Mirja Klippel connects soulful depths and wild Nordic nature on the ambitious alternative folk music album Slow Coming Alive.

Buy now: CD 14,99€

MYLES SANKO – Memories Of Love
Soul singer MYLES SANKO returns to LÉGÈRE RECORDINGS with his fourth and so far most mature album “Memories Of Love”. CD and deluxe CD (three bonus tracks) in a square digisleeve, limited LP edition in gatefold with a printed inner sleeve.

Buy now: Dlx. Ed. 17,99€ / CD 14,99€ / LP 23,99€
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