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MYLES SANKO-autograph card

Only while stocks last

With each order of a MYLES SANKO-record we’ll enclose an original autograph card of the British soul-singer and songwriter!

High-quality soul from 7,49€

ANNA MATEUR – Essnlassn
On the occasion of her 15-year stage anniversary, the Dresden-based artist ANNA MATEUR will release her live album debut. The songs on “Essnlassn” were recorded at concerts in Weimar, Dresden and Hamburg.

Buy now: CD 14,99€

NOFNOG – Thieves
NOFNOG (NO FIGHT NO GLORY) from St. Gallen in Switzerland are back with a new album. “Thieves” combines eleven straight, highly melodic hardcore punk tracks.

Buy now: CD 13,99€ / LP 21,99€

ANGESCHISSEN – Angeschissen (Reissue/+ Download)
Opulent re-release of the first and only studio album of the Hamburg Punk-legends ANGESCHISSEN. Double LP with 13 additional bonus songs in 350 gram cardboard cover, printed cardboard inner covers, cardboard postcard of the official tape photo in A5 & download code!

Buy now: LP 24,99€

LIFESICK – Swept In Black
Two years after their celebrated debut, the Danes LIFESICK are now releasing their successor. “Swept In Black” features ten dark-brutal hardcore songs and appears as a CD as well as Vinyl LP (Black / Bone Mix).

Buy now: CD 14,99€ / LP 21,99€

OLIBA INTERNATIONAL – Oliba International
Five young men, who met in Tours in 2015, present a wonderfully refreshing debut album as “Afro electric brass band”.

Buy now: CD 14,99€ / LP 21,99€

GOROD – Aethra
The new and sixth album of French technical death metal band GOROD convinces with complex, technically demanding guitar parts and GORODs typical energetic-progressive sound.

Buy now: CD 16,99€

After their critically acclaimed debut “Nem Kaldi”, DERYA YILDIRIM and the GRUP SIMSEK finally release two new songs between Turkish psych and Anatolian groove. “Oy Oy Emine / Kürk” appears as 7”.

Buy now: 7" 11,49€

CLICKCLICKDECKER – Am Arsch Der Kleinen Aufmerksamkeiten
Wow, who would have thought that? Suddenly the sixth album of CLICKCLICKDECKER appears as digifile-CD with booklet and as LP in gatefold cover with printed inner sleeve.

Buy now: CD 13,99€ / LP 20,49€

CARSTEN EROBIQUE MEYER – Tatortreiniger Soundtracks
Finally, the collected pieces to the TV hit ‘Der Tatortreiniger’ (with BJARNE MÄDEL) are released. CARSTENEROBIQUEMEYER has been responsible for the musical accompaniment of the series since 2011 and presents 20 selected, enormously versatile songs. Definitely more than just perfect to get attuned for the new TV season.

Buy now: CD 12,99€ / LP 21,99€

DOTA – Die Freiheit
The new studio album by DOTA will be released on four formats: CD (14 songs, 24-page 4c-booklet), double CD (album + bonus CD with 7 songs and 24-sided 4c Booklet), double LP (album + bonus LP with 7 songs), box set (box incl. double CD, printed gym bag, 60-page songbook with guitar tablature and chords, liner notes, two postcards – one of them autographed, stickers).

Buy now: CD 13,99€ / DOUBLE CD 19,49€ / double LP 25,99€ / BOX SET 36,99€
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